You Need to Know the Signs of Infection after a Root Canal

A root canal is a fairly standard procedure, so the chance of developing a complication is rare. However, in some cases, an infection might develop.

This is a risk with any major surgical or dental procedure, and while you likely won’t need to worry about this issue, it is important that you know the signs of an infection and when to contact your dentist.


A fever is one of the most common indications of an infection. If your temperature is 99.5 degrees or higher after a root canal, contact your dentist. Additionally, the area around the affected tooth may also feel abnormally hot, and this is also the sign of a problem.

Pain that Doesn’t Subside

It is common to feel discomfort and pain after you have a root canal, but the purpose of the procedure was to relieve your pain, not to make it worse. If it feels like the pain isn’t subsiding or is even increasing after a few days, you should be sure to return to your dentist to get your tooth checked.

A Persistent Bump on Your Gums

Have you noticed a bump on your gums that looks similar to a pimple? Does it release fluid or pus? This is often the sign that is a root canal is needed, and it should get smaller and go away after the procedure is complete. However, if the bump is still there a week after your procedure, you might have developed an infection.

Chronic Fatigue

It is perfectly normal to feel tired after a root canal, but after a few days your energy should return. If it has been a week and you are still incredibly tired, contact your dentist.

Do you have a root canal procedure scheduled in the future and have questions about your recovery? Contact our office for more information.

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