A Patient-Centered Approach

When it comes to choices about care, the more involved a patient is in the decision making process, the more likely the patient will understand and accept treatment.

That’s why we spend more time with our patients.

Traditionally, a general dentist refers complicated cases to a trusted specialist, or several specialists when one cannot deal with all aspects of a complex problem. Often times with this approach, information travels between the dentist and the specialists with little collaboration between them or the patient.

We take an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care, focusing on open communication between the primary dentist, the specialists and the patient, including the patient in the process as a member of the team.

Each specialist of the interdisciplinary team is selected based on their area of expertise and the desired outcomes for the patient.

Open lines of communication are maintained to reduce stress and confusion for all members of the team, including the patient.

Members of our team meet at the beginning to discuss the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan together. The patient is involved in the development of their treatment plan, helping cultivate personal relationships with us and the specialists. Trust grows from these relationships and the patient feels that he or she is an active, respected member of the team.

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Wooddell and Passaro Staff