Do You Brush the Full Two Minutes Your Dentist Tells You To? Most Don’t…

Every morning and every night you brush your teeth. You know this is important because your dentist told you this is what you should do.

You should also brush your teeth for two minutes each time you brush; your dentist has told you that too. But when you are getting ready to go to work or school you are on a tight schedule.

So you brush until your teeth look and feel clean, or at least until you’re sure you are presentable to the public, but you know deep down that you probably short changed your teeth in the brushing department. And no, that fluoride mouthwash you swish around your mouth does not make up for it no matter how you try to convince yourself that it does.

Why Should I Brush for Two Minutes?

When you brush your teeth you have to brush every surface to make sure your teeth are clean. You have to brush the top and bottom teeth, the front and back of them, and the top and bottom. The teeth at the back have three sides to brush. Doing this well takes time. Some people think that if they simply rush harder they don’t have to brush as long, but that isn’t true. You can actually damage our teeth by brushing harder.

When you don’t clean your teeth properly, you could leave behind bacteria. See, brushing your teeth is about making them look whiter because they’re clean, but more importantly, it is about removing the plaque that has formed and the bacteria that can cause gingivitis or periodontitis.

If you brush your teeth for two minutes that is one minute for the top and one for the bottom. Use the timer on your phone to keep the time. Think of a poem or a song and if a verse or two lasts a minute, you have your daily timer.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your brushing habits.

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