Can You Get Good Results Whitening Your Teeth At Home?

When you want a bright, white smile, the best option you have is going in to see your dentist. Between keeping all of your teeth and gums healthy, and the whitening options they have, you are apt to get the brightest and whitest smile possible.

However, if you are not going to be seeing your dentist in the near future, you may be considering buying an at-home kit.

Some Kits Work, While Others Struggle

There are a bunch of different kits on the market. You can try gels that you paint on your teeth, strips that you can place on your teeth and let sit, mouth guards that you put in your mouth with a cream or gel on them, and more. You can even try mouthwashes and toothpastes that promise to help brighten your smile. However, each of them are limited as to how well they work.

If you want a really white smile, you need to go in and see your dentist. The ingredients used for whitening are only allowed to be in small amounts when you buy over the counter products. They are a percentage of how potent those ingredients are for your dentist. Since your dentist is taught and trained on how to use those chemicals, they can then use them safely. You have not had the same training, so you may not use it in the correct amounts, and could potentially hurt your mouth.

When white teeth is your goal, your dentist is the vehicle you need to get to that goal. Contact our office to find out what they recommend. Some may tell you that your teeth are already so bright, a good cleaning and polishing of your teeth is all you need. Others may recommend veneers to give you the look you are going for.

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