Can Gluten Hurt Your Teeth?

Who doesn’t love bread?  There’s nothing quite like biting into a fresh, crisp baguette at breakfast or indulging on a hot buttery roll at the beginning of dinner.  Not everyone gets to enjoy these indulgences though.  Those who have Celiac’s Disease or gluten intolerance are unable to digest gluten, the mixture of proteins found in wheat flour.

For those with Celiac’s Disease, the immune system turns on the digestive system in the presence of gluten, rendering it unable to absorb any nutrients at all.  Not only does it affect your digestive system, it actually has quiet a severe impact on the overall health of your mouth.

Effects on Teeth

Since Celiac’s Disease makes it impossible to absorb nutrients, that means that your teeth are missing out on key ingredients for strength: calcium and phosphorous.  Without these nutrients, your enamel becomes weak, and therefore more susceptible to tooth decay.  Weakened enamel also allows stains to set into your teeth, and these stains are very difficult to remove.

Canker Sores

Not only does the immune system damage your intestines, it also attacks the other soft tissues in your body.  This includes the sensitive tissues of your mouth.  Canker sores appear as painful ulcers along the lining of your cheeks and tongue.

Bad Breath

An intolerance to gluten can also be the cause of bad breath.  As your body cannot properly digest food and absorb it, that food becomes the perfect place for microbes, bacteria, yeast and parasites to take up residence.  As they work on the undigested food, they create byproducts that cause your breath to smell.

Celiac’s Disease and gluten intolerance affect much more than the GI tract.  Other areas, such as the mouth, suffer as the body cannot properly absorb the necessary nutrients for good health.  In order to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth, it may be necessary to cut out gluten and allow your body to get what it needs.

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