Can Veneers Give You a Healthy Smile Again?

Veneers are one of the most common types of restorative dental procedures done today. They are very thin sheets of porcelain that your dentist places on your teeth to help restore their original look, or even improve on it. Not everyone is aware of what types of benefits you get from turning to veneers.

If you are looking for a way to restore your healthy smile, veneers may be the best option you have.

Why You Want to Turn to Veneers for a Healthy Smile

Veneers can nearly perform magic. They can take crooked, unsightly teeth and make them look straight, whole, and healthy. What your dentist has to do is to create a mold of your current teeth, and use that to design the new covers for your teeth. These are the veneers.

The dentist will trim a slight bit off the front of your teeth to hold the veneers in place, allowing them to look totally natural. Once the veneers are done being made, usually done at an outside lab, you will come back to the dentist to have them adhered.

After just a short time of adhering the new veneers and making any adjustments for comfort, you get to walk out of the office with a gorgeous, healthy looking smile. Veneers do not last forever, but they do last many years. Once they wear out, you simply get them replaced and have the same gorgeous smile you did on day one.

If you want to give your smile a boost and cover any imperfections you may currently not like, then contact our office about getting a set of veneers to cover up those imperfections.

You can go from hiding the parts of your smile that you don’t like, to showing off your confident smile to the world.

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