Multiple Tooth Replacement in Davidsonville

Missing one tooth can be very difficult in and of itself, missing multiple teeth can be extremely challenging and can get old fast. At Wooddell and Passaro, our goal is to increase your quality of life through proven dental procedures. Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option on the market today and are great at replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth.

It is possible to restore areas of the mouth that are missing several teeth. As with single implants, these areas must be evaluated for strength and aesthetics. If the bone and gingival are in good volume and position, many times we can place fixed bridgework immediately on the newly inserted implants.

Out With the Old, In With the New

It used to be that dental bridges or dentures were the only ways to replace missing teeth. Neither of those methods was ideal. In the case of dentures, it was hard to eat things that weren’t soft, and easy to chew. Dentures also had a wide variety of special care instructions and did very little for the ongoing oral health of the patient.

Traditional permanent dental bridges were similarly unsatisfactory because they required the patient to sacrifice two healthy teeth to act as anchors for the appliance. To accept a permanent dental bridge, the anchor teeth would need to be shaved down to so that the dental bridge could rest atop the anchor teeth.

Dental implants give us a way to replace a single tooth or can provide anchors that hold multiple teeth (like a traditional bridge) and can even be used to support a full arch of permanently placed teeth. The options for treatment with dental implants are endless and they come with so many benefits!

Dental implants give the added benefit of acting like natural teeth because they are surgically placed into the jawline and accepted by the bone. They are made of titanium, which is biocompatible and easily allows the bone in the jaw to grow around and support each implant. By being placed into the bone, the dental implant encourages continuous hard and soft tissue growth, preventing and reversing further oral health deterioration.

The Process

The procedure to have dental implants placed can require several visits to our office to complete. During the first visit, we take impressions of your teeth and the edentulous regions of your mouth so that we can build an accurate treatment plan and all of the crowns/bridges/arches necessary. Further, we will prepare your jaw to receive the post of the implant, afterwards we will place the post in your jaw.

Some months may be required to recover from the implant placement, during this recovery time we will fabricate your new dental appliance, making sure to build a perfectly natural looking replica of a tooth/teeth.

Once the implant has had some time to recover you will return to our office to have the crowns placed and finished.

Please call our office today at 443-808-1958 to schedule your appointment. Remember, if you experience tooth pain or discomfort for more than a week, please make an appointment to see us as this may be the sign of a more serious issue.