Teeth in an Hour® in Davidsonville, MD

Teeth in an Hour® have made it possible for patients with a healthy amount of jawbone to receive a new smile in just one dental visit! By utilizing the latest in restorative technology, your dentist can now accurately plan, create and place dental implants in the matter of hours. Meaning that you can leave your home knowing that you will return with a bright and beautiful new smile!

Thanks to advancements in technology involving ICAT CT and 3-D imagining by NOBELGUIDE and Simplant, your dentist can now place implants with optimal precision using a pre-made fixed bridge. This allows the opportunity to have dental implants installed same-day in just one appointment! This process of installing the dental implant along with the pre-made fixed bridge typically only takes as little as one hour to complete the entire arch. This means that patients now can upgrade their uncomfortable and unsightly dentures to teeth that feel and look natural in a matter of hours!

This groundbreaking technology has already changed the lives of so many and continues to offer hope and restoration to millions around the globe!

What Makes Teeth® in an Hour Possible?

Teeth in an Hour® is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare. The software and technologies that go into making Teeth in an Hour® possible is also produced and patented by Nobel Biocare.

Prior to the development of these advanced technologies which made instant implants possible, patients had to wait several months to restore their smile. This was the major downfall for those in need of dental restorations. Not only was this 2 to 6 month (depending on the condition of the jawbone) wait grueling, but the amount of time and office visits necessary in order to restore the function and appearance of the smile made dental implants a lot less appealing to the masses. Today, however, the development of immediate load implants makes dental implants arguably the best restorative solution.

Thanks to Teeth in an Hour®, patients no longer have to endure the dreaded wait and inconvenient, multiple office visits just to regain function and appearance of their smile. These recent developments have made it possible for your dentist to place new, fully functioning teeth in just one office visit.

It is important to understand that though the actual surgical installation of the implant may only take a short hour or so, depending on the complexity of the restoration, the whole process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This 2 to 4 week preparation phase is what makes it possible to give you the bright and vibrant smile that you desire in a matter of hours.

How It Works

There are two key techniques that make Teeth in an Hour® possible. The advanced computer technology coupled with the sophisticated radiographic techniques enables your dentist to precisely surgically place the implants. It is the detailed 3D imaging that allows him to so accurately map out the area and assess the bone structure, allowing him to choose the location with the best bone integrity. Having a better understanding of the bone health allows your dentist to decide on an exact position for the implants which will be attached to a pre-made permanent prosthesis that is made prior to the surgery appointment.