Downsides of Having an After Dinner Mint

Going out to eat with your family leaves you with a lot of great memories, but also may potentially leave you facing bad breath. If you just had a dinner that left behind a few strange aromas, then you may want to consider minting up your breath a bit so that it doesn’t offend anyone.

You have the option of gum or an after dinner mint; which should you choose?

While Mints Taste Good, They Can Have Hidden Dangers

Mints are normally near the register when you check out after dinner. Sometimes they can even be placed on your table once you have finished eating. They are tempting with all of their colors, and you know they taste good, so why shouldn’t you have one? The simple answer is because they can harm your teeth. After dinner mints taste as good as they do because they are full of sugar.

The mint then sits against your teeth and slowly dissolves, giving you minty breath, but also adding more sugar into your body than it already had from the food you ate. The sugar sitting against your teeth can quickly cause problems in your teeth, especially if you are like most people and indulge in a few once dinner has come to an end.

If you are not going to be able to brush your teeth within just a few minutes of eating your mint, you are far better off making the choice to chew gum. For those that believe gum is tacky after dinner because of the chewing, then suck on it until you leave the table. It will help your breath, but since most gum is sugarless, you will expose your teeth to far fewer problems than having a simple mint could do.

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