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Our practice was profiled in the Exclusively Series Greater Annapolis issue. Exclusively writes about three areas in Maryland, and in each area, only one business is chosen per category to represent its peers. We are thrilled that our practice was selected out of all the great dental groups in the greater Annapolis area!

The profile nicely summarizes what values drive us to run our practice the way we do. As mentioned in the article, mentorship has been a crucial part of our growth as professionals. “We built our practice in a way that allowed us to always focus on quality,” said Dr. Woody. “It was early on that we realized the necessity for ongoing continuing education to make us the dentists we desired to be.”

What we learned from our mentors has helped us realize how much we could teach to others. As a result, we created the Chesapeake Dental Education Center (CDEC) as a place to share ideas to become better dentists. Our STEP™ method of treatment was even developed at the CDEC.

We never want to stop learning. Continued education is the best way for us to give our patients the best treatment possible.

You can read the full profile below:

W&P Profile in Exclusively Series Greater Annapolis 2015


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