Dental Specialists in Davidsonville

Creating a working relationship with our partners is one of the things we do best. Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro are considered experts in their respective fields. When a procedure requires the attention of an expert outside the scope of their fields they have developed a method of working with others they have coined “collaborative accountability”.

Collaborative Accountability

Using the approach of collaborative accountability we ensure that all the experts that have a hand in a procedure see eye to eye on the approach and methodology used <i>before</i> the procedure begins. In the dental industry this kind of collaborative forethought and acknowledgement is rare and something we are very proud of having pioneered.

Dental Colleagues

The idea of getting our dental colleagues on the same page and communicating on all procedures boils down to our commitment to building positive relationships. We believe that entering our practice as a patient or a colleague should mean feeling like you are welcome and wanted. We understand that our devotion to our craft is only half of the reason we have been able to be so successful in this industry – the other half is our patients and our colleagues.


We understand how difficult it can be to offer the right treatment for the really challenging cases that come through your door. Turning away a patient is never an ideal situation, which is why we accept referrals in the Baltimore-Washington area and the Eastern Shore.

We have centered our practice around an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and therapy. This allows us to offer a massively comprehensive variety of esthetic and restorative cases. Our utmost concern is respecting the relationship that you have built with your patients. We will make sure to keep an open line of communication with your practice to ensure a happy working relationship.

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