Green Tea is Great for Your Oral Health

There are a lot of drink options out there for us to choose from, but when it comes to your oral health, do you know what your best options are? Many people are surprised to learn that green tea is actually great for their teeth and mouth. Research has found that tea actually has the same effect on the enamel as water with no erosive effect, and drinking brewed tea can cause significantly less enamel loss than choosing fruit juice and soda.

Find out some other great oral health benefits that you can enjoy by making green tea your drink of choice.

Green Tea Can Prevent Cavities

Green tea is able to control bacteria in the mouth, and in turn, this can lower the acidity of dental plaque and saliva, which could be useful when it comes to cavity prevention. Studies have examined people who rinsed their mouth with green tea for five minute periods and found that when this was done, there were fewer bacteria in the mouth, and participants experienced less gum bleeding. Green tea is also thought to prevent tooth decay.

You’ll Have Better Breath

Green tea has been connected to fresh smelling breath. This is likely because the tea can kill the microbes that give our breath a foul odor. Faculty members from the School of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia measured the level of stinky compounds in people’s mouths after they had been given green tea powder or other substances that were suspected to help with bad breath. Surprisingly, green tea had better results than chewing gum or mints.

Green Tea Can Give You Healthier Gums

Did you know that green tea has anti-inflammatory properties? When it comes to the gums, this can be extremely important, as these powers can actually help to control gum disease. A study published in the Journal of Periodontology focused on nearly 1000 Japanese men from the ages of 49 to 59 that had some symptoms of gum disease. A portion of these participants were told to drink at least one cup of green tea each day, and that group showed improvement with their gum health. Their gums tended to bleed less and show less recession than the group that did not drink green tea, and it is thought that the catechins found in the tea can interfere with inflammation that could result from the mouth’s bacteria.

Don’t like green tea? Well, there may be an option out there for you, too. Studies have shown the same promise for gum health when participants chose to chew on candy that contained green tea extract, so you may not need to actually drink this beverage to reap the rewards.

You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Developing Oral Cancer

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants that can protect against damage to the cells, and this is also thought to potentially prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. In a study completed at the University of Texas, patients with pre-cancerous lesions of the mouth were given green tea extract, and it was found that the progression of oral cancer was slowed down significantly.

Green Tea Can Prevent Tooth Loss

After learning that green tea can prevent both gum disease and cavities, it should make sense that drinking this beverage regularly can also prevent tooth loss. In fact, researchers have found that men and women who drink at least one cup of green tea per day were more likely to keep their natural teeth. By adding this beverage to your daily diet, you could minimize your risk of needing dentures or other restorations as you age.

If you have additional questions about drinks or other substances that may be able to improve your oral health, please contact our office.

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