How to Protect Your Smile from Summer Dental Accidents

Young-boy-footblall-player-sweating-with-mouth-guardHanging out on the beach and playing volleyball is a great past time for anyone during the summer months. However, accidents can be very spontaneous. When it comes to your teeth, the two front teeth are most commonly broken or knocked out than any other tooth in the mouth.

They are also the center of your smile and one of the first places that someone looks at while interacting with you. To protect your smile from summer time injuries, consider safeguarding yourself with these tips.

Prepare in Advance when Packing for Activities

A great way to avoid damaging your smile is to consider what activities you will be involved in. If some of the activities are sports related or require you to be in a close active area with others you may need to invest in a mouth guard. Some sports may request that you use other types of head, arms, and leg gear for your protection and many people have been happy to comply. These requests are made to help protect the player and to keep them, in the event of an accident, from becoming more injured than the average accident like a bruise or a sprain.

While on vacation several events might sound like a great way to pass the time such as horseback riding, deep sea fishing, go cart racing, and other fun activities, but if you are not prepared for these types of activities you might find yourself making a dental visit sooner than you think. The actions of both humans and animals can be unpredictable. Although you may not be able to avoid accidents, you can help to lessen the amount that you are involved in by keeping a watch on what is going on around you.

Dental Accidents, Can it Be Repaired?

When dental accidents happen, it can seem like the end of the world. Your smile may be affected by the accident and prevent you from wanting to smile to avoid embarrassment. The quicker that you set up and visit the dentist the quicker you will be able to eliminate the embarrassment. When a tooth becomes loose, it can be strengthened back up throughout a series of dental visits and properly applied products.

Missing teeth are definitely at the top of the list of embarrassing dental issues. If your tooth has been knocked out or was loose and fell out, it can be saved! For the best possible results it is recommended that you return the rinsed off tooth in the socket and keep it there while traveling to the dentist. If this seems too difficult, put the tooth in a glass of milk and immediately, within the first hour, seek professional help. If the tooth cannot be saved by the dentist, you can rest assure that there are plenty of methods of replacing the tooth in a quick and efficient manner.

Strengthen Your Teeth to Prevent Injuries

Keeping your teeth healthy and injury free is ideal, but you do not have to minimize your fun in doing so. Taking proper care of your teeth can help strengthen them, whereas those who do not take proper care of their teeth risk them being weak and easily broken, chipped, or lost due to a small impact. These small impacts can come from the smallest things such as accidently hitting your mouth while trying to put on an over shirt or being smacked by a wailing baby. Accidents are going to happen. It is up to you to prevent them from happening and to make sure that if in the future they do to act immediately so that you keep your smile shining bright.

If you do have a dental accident, please call us at 443-808-1958 for help today.

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