What Open Mouth Breathing Actually Does to Your Teeth

When you sleep at night, do you wake up with your mouth open and the inside of your mouth feeling like a cotton ball? If so, you likely slept with your mouth open.

That can cause a lot of harm to the inside of your mouth, particularly to your teeth and gums. Your teeth need to stay moist all night long in order to stay protected and safe.

What Happens During the Night

Your saliva production slows down during the night while you sleep. That way, you aren’t choking on excess spit all night long. The saliva that is produced is needed to keep the teeth and gum tissues wet and allow those surfaces to be consistently washed down. Saliva also restores the proper pH balance to the mouth, which helps prevent tooth decay and acid erosion.

Plus, when your teeth get washed down with saliva, your teeth also get minerals and vitamins restored to their surface, helping them stay solid and avoid decay.

If you sleep with your mouth open, all of these things stop. Your teeth and gums do not get washed down, the minerals are not put back into your teeth, and the pH balance of your mouth stays out of whack. This means you are far more apt to suffer from tooth decay and other problems within your mouth.

If you can, try and always sleep with your mouth closed. For people who find this difficult, make sure to let your dentist know that you struggle with this problem. They can keep a closer eye on your oral health and help you find ways of being able to keep your mouth closed at night.

Contact our office sooner, rather than later, about this issue. The sooner they know, the better state of health they can keep your mouth in!

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