Is Ridge Augmentation Only for Aesthetics?

Ridge augmentation is a relatively common procedure that reshapes the ridge of gum and bone that once surrounded a tooth, that has now been removed. It can also be done after some gum recession from gum disease that progressed before it was treated.

Some people go in and have the ridge reshaped to make it look nicer when they smile. Others need for it to happen, in order to be able to have other restorative procedures, like dental implants.

Ridge Augmentation Helps Restore the Beauty of Your Smile

A ridge augmentation definitely can fall under an aesthetic procedure. It gives you the natural curves around your teeth that look right and healthy. However, there is more to a ridge augmentation than just looking nice. If you want to go in and get dental implants, having a ridge augmentation gives your mouth the ability to be healthy enough to accept the abutment.

When the ridge is uneven, it can make placing the anchor for an implant difficult, and it can also make it to where the tooth does not fit properly in the place you want it to go.

If you believe that you could benefit from getting a ridge augmentation, speak with your dentist. They can examine your mouth, and let you know what, if any, benefits you may get from this type of procedure. If you plan on getting dental implants down the line, having it done right before you get the implants is the best route to take.

Having the augmentation done now, but not getting implants for several years, may mean that you need to have the procedure redone prior to implants since the gums and jaw will still be receding during that time.

Contact our office about what our recommendation would be for your mouth and your situation.

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