Why do I have a White Tongue?

Sometimes upon inspection of your tongue, you may notice that it is whiter than before. More often than not this is not a cause for concern, but understanding what may be going on is essential for your peace of mind and potential safety.

White Patches

If you notice a sudden influx of white patches on your tongue and you smoke or chew tobacco, chances are it is leukoplakia. This common issue is just a sudden growth of the cells in your tongue that occurs in smokers. The patches are typically not a problem, but they should be inspected if they last much longer than 7 days as they could lead to cancer in some cases.

White Lines

Sometimes white lines may appear on your tongue, giving the appearance of lace. This is typically not an issue that needs any type of medical attention. It could be due to poor diet, poor lifestyle habits, or poor oral hygiene habits. Try to clean your teeth and tongue better and refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol to see if the issue subsides.

Cottage Cheese Bumps

If you get the appearance of having cottage cheese on your tongue, you could be suffering from thrush. This issue usually occurs in infants and the elderly, but anyone with a compromised immune system could have it. This condition should be checked out to determine if you need medication to reverse the yeast infection, or if time will run its course. In some cases, yogurt can help to rebalance the yeast on your tongue, eliminating the overgrowth that has occurred as long as it contains live cultures.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your tongue, please give us a call today!

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